Blogs = 7oreya Bel Ray!

05 Feb

I believe we all have heard what happened to our fellow bogger Mark from

Now i don’t know what was happening between Mark and this company before the incident and why they went crazy about it!!

We always take pictures in the restaurants we try .. specially if they are new restaurants .. just to give a glimpse to our readers and friends about the place and about our own taste and opinion!

when people want to try something .. either they go on and try it or .. ask around about it before trying it!! .. now no body could take one opinion to decide!! .. if Mark didn’t like the food .. there are other bloggers who did .. and they wrote about it!! .. in the end its a matter of taste!!

anyways .. you should all know guys that i haven’t try Benihana yet .. i wasn’t convienced to try it from their own adds actually i didn’t like them!! .. but i might eat there one day who knows!?

ya3ny be5te9aar .. ana mo ma3a a7ad ‘6ed el thany .. not a fan of Mark blog .. wala fan of Benihana restaurant .. i like Subway though .. bs ham Subway sometimes kanaw e5orona!!

ana kateb hal kalam 3ashan agol .. ‘6ayagny ely 9aar kelaa .. o akthar shay ‘6ayagny ena ga3ed e7agem 7oreyat el ta3beer!! .. lama ana a7e6 blog o akteb feh .. ana 7a6 ley 9af7a atkalam feha 3an ara2y o ely ya3gebny! .. ana 7or bely akteba .. o el readers bel nehaya nas wa3yaa o believe me kel el readers they will figure out etha el blogger ga3ed yakteb 7ag ma9ale7 sha59eya or his own opinion!!

anyways .. ba3ad ely 9ar i was thinking of doing something .. so i emailed our SWEET fellow blogger MeenaKon asking her for her help to design a logo to support the freedom of the opinion in Mark case .. if you have a blog guys .. its going to be nice if you put one of those logos le shahar 3 3ogob ma et5ale9 el qa’6eya .. to show our support


BIG THANKS To MeenAkon for her speedy response and her help .. you are so sweet girl 🙂


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