Review: The Sandwich Shop!

04 Sep

I’ve been told about this place in Ramadan .. i was going to order from it for Futoor back then but i could’t get an answer when i called!

Today .. while we were at work thinking of a place to order lunch from .. i opened and there it was .. the restaurant i was trying to try since Ramadan .. so i ordered from it 🙂

My order was all mini sandwiches but unfortunatly .. they were out of them so they called us up and offered to replace them with the regular sandwiches .. we accept for sure .. we were hungry 🙂

My order when i ordered the mini sandwiches was from all the kinds they have .. but when they replaced the order they didn’t bring everything!!

The kinds they brought were: Turkey – Tuna – Roast Beef – Steak – Eggplant & Potato – Falafel with a Twist – Chicken Fillet and Chicken Cesar

i have to say i was having bad repetition between my friends .. they think and the best to order sweets .. but in real food .. i suck!!

but today .. after i ordered this restaurant .. i regain my repetition :p (not that much!!)

anyways .. the sandwiches were all fresh and light on the stomach .. and they actually do taste good

i tasted the Turkey – Roast Beef – Tuna – Chicken Cesar and Chicken Fillet (tra i only got half of each 3ashan ma etgoloon balaa3!!)

if i order again .. i would order them all except for the Tuna .. it wasn’t that bad but it was the lowest between the others!!

as for the rest .. i liked them .. the Turkey comes with Cranberry Sauce in a Croissant (recommended)

The chicken Fillet also recommended .. My friends tried the Steak and they loved it as well.

Good Job guys at The Sandwich Shop .. keep it up and don’t waste the quality after u start getting busy 🙂

One more thing .. bring more mini sandwiches next time 😉


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Posted by on September 4, 2011 in Kuwait Food


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