Movie Review: Killer Elite!

24 Sep

Another movie that have been released this week .. and i went to 🙂

the movie is about:

When his mentor is taken captive, a retired member of Britains Elite Special Air Service is forced into action. His mission: kill three assassins dispatched by their cunning leader.

looking at the names in the movie along with the trailer .. it should be a good movie right?!

WRONG again .. another waste of time movie .. two bad movies in one day .. that sure wasn’t my lucky day .. is it?!

first of .. this supposed to be an action movie which should be full of bombs and car chases .. it has all that actually .. but without a taste!!

the movie is showing that the events happened back in 1980 .. in Oman!!

it wasn’t having a new thing to show .. just a repeated story, the one where you’ll be watching and expecting every move 🙂

and Jason .. please .. enough .. he is becoming the new Steven Segal .. where hundreds of fighters and chasers can not get him down .. not just yet!! .. he is unbeatable 🙂

the other actors will make you feel they are in this for the money .. or for having something to do instead of staying home!! .. they are acting with no spirit!!

Another movie from cinescape that is not recommended .. bad week cinescape .. bad week

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Posted by on September 24, 2011 in Entertainment


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