Me, My Car & Frankom!

10 Oct

From the picture and title i guess you already know what this post is all about .. right?! .. No?!! .. ok .. read along!

couple of weeks ago i was checking out Frankom blog when i read about this place called the car wash! .. my car .. if you don’t know about it .. is my friend!!

i used to call my car “alsafaa7” .. as it is a Nissan from Patrol family .. a family that is known as men 7amolaa :p

one day .. alsafaa7 was trying to play a little with me .. so it stops working when i was in desperate need for it!!!! .. when i fixed it up .. i decided .. its PUNISHMENT TIME 🙂

so imagine .. from almost the beginning of Ramadan or a week earlier .. no water have touched its body!! .. Thank God it is GOLD colored or otherwise i will not be respected in the streets 🙂

so .. a week ago .. i decided my car might need to be washed!! (MIGHT?!!!!!!!) .. i was aiming to take it to Prontowash but thought why not trying the car wash since Frankom said its good and beside it might not be as crowded!

I’ll take it Saturday morning before i go to work .. that’s what i decide .. and yes people .. i WORK on Saturdays 😦

Friday morning i was waking up early and was going to go have a cup of coffee and checkout my feeds in Starbucks Palms .. my plan was .. Starbucks .. prayer .. 360 for a movie .. back home to see what the next activity will be 🙂

on my way to Starbucks .. at around 9:30 AM .. i said to my self .. why not taking my car now and wash it before the prayer?!! .. at least i will go to 360 with a style :p .. beside .. Frankom said it took them 45 minutes to clean his car! .. in and out!!

i called them up .. taking the number from Frankom post of course .. they said we are open and available .. so .. change of plans .. let’s do it today baby .. get ready for action Safaa7!!

when i reached there .. i was the only car .. i talked to the guy telling him i need you to treat him good (referring to Safa7 of course) .. clean him up and show me how he looks like when he was young .. that’s when he was a new car of course 🙂 .. i need it to be as clean as a new car .. he says ok this will cost you 25KD .. Deal!

Then a Kuwaiti guy came for me asking me what i want to do .. i told him again i need it to look new .. i need this 25KD treatment please .. he says that this treatment actually for small cars .. your car is a big fellow that will cost you more!

when i was about to ask how much exactly .. he was already saying it will cost you around 30KD .. and one of the workers was opening the doors of my car at the same time!! .. the Kuwaiti guy had a glimpse on what his workers will face .. then he says!! .. it need a looooooooooot of work .. with the engine cleaning and rims .. i’ll charge you 40KD .. Deal!!

you see .. my car was not only dirty from the outside .. it was dirty from the inside as well .. although it has a kind heart (what!!!!!!) .. with the dust and the things thrown inside it felt like a married guy with kids car!! .. although i’m single!! .. you hear that ladies .. SINGLE :p

Malkom bel 6welaa (9ij wallah?!!) .. The guy told me come back at 6PM to take it!! .. WHAAAAAT @@ .. how am i supposed to do that!!!!!!!! .. what about my plans!! .. my cinema!! .. How i’m going to go back home!!!!!

so i sat in Costa .. with my laptop (a tip from Frankom) .. thinking .. i should call a taxi .. but should i go back home?! .. or should i let it drop me to 360 Mall!! .. and then .. how i will come back to my car?!!

the evil idea came to me .. i called my sister .. i asked her to join me to catch a movie .. she says i’m thinking of having lunch .. with my current situation i sure will accept whatever .. so i said ok .. lunch then cinema .. she says ok .. i said then .. come to pick me up from Shwaikh :p

anyways .. they called me around 4 PM to tell me el Safaa7 is all dressed up and ready to be takin for a ride 😉

They really worked on it .. it was really clean and shiny and lookin new .. actually .. feels new!

This whole story was written just to say that Car wash are recommended and they did a good job with my car although i didn’t like the lime smell they put after the cleaning .. as for the prices .. i’m not actually a fan of car wash places so i don’t really know what are the real prices for such services.

Thank you Car Wash .. Thank you Frankom for the recommendation 🙂

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