Movie Review: Johnny English Reborn!

14 Oct

The Story:

Should there be a story?!!! .. i mean it’s a comedy right!! .. who would be there for the story!! .. but any how .. in short .. the story is about him .. Johnny English going up against international assassins hunting down the Chinese premier.

The Trailer:

My Opinion:

First of .. i have to say something .. did anybody by any mean saw any poster or anything about this movie being a children movie?!!

See i went to the movie today .. 1:45 pm show!

For my surprise .. the theater was almost full when i was going to book the ticket!! .. only 5 seats were left in the Family section!!! and around 45 in the Bachelors side!!

when i got to my seat .. i found out that actually families are taking over bachelors seats as well!! .. they should not let them :p

and also .. almost all the families were coming with their young kids .. i mean maybe around the age of 6 years or so!!

any how .. back to the movie .. the movie was great .. funny .. yes .. you heard me .. funny .. but .. and yes there is a BUT .. put in mind its .. MR.BEAN KIND of funny!!

i mean .. if you see MR.Bean as a boring guy you might not like this movie .. cos in the end .. he is the main actor in the movie .. so the movie should be the one man show for him!

It was nice and funny .. if you feel you are bored and need a dose of laughter .. and YOU DON’T HATE MR.BEAN .. you will have some laughs here and there with this light movie 🙂


3.5 / 5

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Posted by on October 14, 2011 in Entertainment


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