Shishaa on the move!!

14 Oct



Being a Shishaa fan my self .. specially in winter time (it will have a different taste with the nice wheather .. trust me) .. i was doing some tasako3 (as danderma used to say) in Geant when i saw this!!

a shishaa on the go!! .. i think it went way too far!!!! .. so now i can have my shishaa on my car?!!!! .. so don’t be surprised etha ebyom 3end el eshara sayara efta7at elderesha we6la3at mnha a cloud of smoke!! mako shay bs elrayal ga3ed yenfa5 elras tra!!!!!!!!

o the problem is that el hose is too short!!! alzeg wayhy bel 6abloom ya3ny 3ashan mazaa!!! esh hal mathalaa!!

and the price is also!!! .. it is the same price as the small shishaa that used to come in a steel bag!! which is actually bigger .. with longer hose 6ab3an!!

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Posted by on October 14, 2011 in Paparazzi


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