How Not To Order From TOMS Shoes!

24 Oct

Today .. i was trying to track down my latest order from TOMS Shoes .. when i figure out how many orders i have made !!

But don’t worry guys .. not all of these orders are for me .. i only got 2 shoes .. a T-shirt .. and a sunglasses .. which should mean in TOMS terms that i have prevented 2 people from having a foot injury .. a guy/girl from walking around naked!! .. and somebody from banging into the room door coz he/she didn’t see it clearly!!

Seeing this made me realize how addicted my family and friends became about those shoes!! .. regardless whether its true what they say about it being made from pigskin or not 🙂

Personally .. i liked using those shoes .. they are really comfortable .. but i didn’t reach the point some of my family members reached where they get all the colors from the same design just because they feel its comfortable and they liked it!!!!!!!!!

Tip: you can always order your shoes from the website with a better price than the one you will find in Kuwait .. but that will depend on how many you are buying .. the more the better 🙂

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Posted by on October 24, 2011 in Fashion


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