Crush It Morning!

26 Oct

Yep .. that’s right .. i woke up thinking about the seminar of last night .. CRUSH IT 🙂

I first heard about this seminar from the blogs around .. and i saw a passion in 7ajidude in twitter about it! .. so i decided .. i wanna join .. if i can 🙂

My fate guided me to Crush It Seminar website where i found all the information about the seminar .. except .. for the date and time 🙂

The registration fees was starting from 97KD for general admission .. i thought to myself .. should i join?! .. i mean .. i don’t know who Gary Vaynerchuk is in the first place! and what he will be talking about in this seminar!! .. but i read in the page of who must attend .. bloggers .. i am a blogger i think .. so i decided .. i’ll join 🙂

And Thank GOD i did .. otherwise i will be really regretting it!!

The word came out .. the seminar will be on 25th October .. i have afternoon work .. but screw it i’m going to the seminar for sure .. i mean i paid for it .. beside .. everybody is going to be their .. almost all the bloggers i like 🙂

Yesterday .. was the day .. so i left work @ around 4 .. reached Salwa Theatre @ around 4:30!! .. when i get in .. i didn’t know where to go!!!!!!! .. no signs where there!!!!

I know in such events usually they have a registration desk or something .. but what was around me is only the sponsors booths!!!!! .. i stand there for a couple of minutes when i glanced Khalid AlZanki .. i asked him where to register .. he told me in the inside room!!!!! (shouldn’t registration be in a more obvious place?!!)

I went inside .. a smiled guy asked how i may help you .. i told him i want to register .. he said .. we will open registration @ 5!!!!!! .. i thought the event is going to start @ 5 !!!!!

Again .. i stand outside waiting for the registration time .. when it was almost 5 people started coming and went directly to registration room after two of AlZanki Team stand infront of the entrance leading the people to where they should register 🙂 (it seems i came a bit early!)

after registration .. they opened the doors @ around 5:30 .. i went inside and sat on the left side which was to the right if you are standing on the stage!!

Waiting for Gary .. attendance started to increase .. the clock reached almost 6 .. and we were still waiting .. but that seminar .. really worths the wait 🙂

Then .. Gary appears .. and i heard 7ajidude saying that this guy is down to earth .. well .. i saw that with my own eyes .. what a great person Gary is!

He was getting ready to take the stage .. and excuse the bad resolution picture .. yesterday i found out that i might be the only blogger who don’t have a DSLR Camera .. my iPhone was my camera .. and that’s why i need to get the new iPhone now with its 8MP camera .. you see .. i’m trying to buy it just to bring you nice pictures .. which means .. mafroo’6 ga6eya menkom o teshterona ley :p

Gary start talking about business and social media .. which was the main scope of the seminar .. then where was a prayer break!

In the break .. i went out of the room and got back .. when i got back to my seat .. i realized that a lot of people are staring at me!! .. girls as well .. so i said .. damn am i that gorgeous!! .. only to realize that Gary him self is actually taking a rest in the seat behind me .. and everybody was saying hi and taking pictures with him!!

Then a good lookin lady came to me asking me if its ok if she ask me a couple of questions for AlWatan Daily .. she looks kinda like the Indian actress Freida Pinto .. so i said .. hell yeah you can ask me :p

After that .. Gary continues the seminar with more interesting stuff .. and we got another break for praying!

There was some surprises from the sponsors like when Electrozan made a draw on iPhone 4S and iPod Touch!

In the break .. i get to meet 7ajidude (the male version :p) .. and His from His & Hers (bo misho .. who btw told me that i look so much like another blogger!! .. well said bo misho .. bs i thought no body looks like me :p)

After the second break .. Gary started the Q&A .. a lot of people asked some interesting questions about various things.

Gary was the man of the night yesterday .. really .. because he was funny, haven’t felt bored at all .. actually .. i felt angry the minutes i looked to my mobile and not concentrating in what he was saying .. when you hear how he talks and how passionate he is .. you don’t want to miss a word he is saying 🙂

You can check out His&Hers post about the seminar .. it summarise the important tips been presented there!

Big Thanks To AlZanki Enterprises .. Khalid .. Hind .. and all the team.

Also big thanks to who believed in Crush it and make it happened .. all the sponsors .. hope to get more of such events 🙂

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