Food Review: 10.Oh.8 Restaurant!

30 Oct

I’m making my own diet .. i know its wrong .. but i’m doing it anyway!!

That is .. eating only one meal a deal .. and not till i get full kind!!

Today .. i was thinking of getting a Breakfast meal .. i asked el 3azeeza MeenAkon to recommend a restaurant and she recommended Bongorno!

Now that was a good choise .. i like Bongourno .. but the problem is that it was almost noon!! .. so i thought .. i should switch my meal to Lunch meal!

what to eat .. what to eat!!

Was browsing around and thought of Heavenly Bagels .. then Pita Pita!! .. then i saw a post about this restaurant in 3ateeja blog .. i have already tried it before .. but she said that the Alfredo is the best !!

I’m a fan of Alfredo myself .. so i thought i want to try it 🙂

It was gooooood .. really good .. not the best in my opinion .. but its good .. the pasta feels like it was rubbed with lemon!!

As for my other order .. it was Chocolate Nirvana .. which is actually a toast filled with Nutella cream and topped with powder!

I’m not a real fan of Nutella so i would say its ok .. its not woow .. but fine .. i wish i had something else though 🙂

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Posted by on October 30, 2011 in Kuwait Food


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