Food Review: Homeslice Pizza!

11 Nov

Today .. i was looking for a place to have lunch in!!

I was thinking about MILK but then decided that i want pizza!!

some days back i’ve read a review about this place called Homeslice in eb6ainiya blog and i wanted to try it!!

i knew from the blog that it is located in AlShaab AlBahry – Block 8 .. i’ve searched like forever and didn’t find the place!! .. so i ate somewhere else!!

Today .. i also tried to locate the place after knowing some further information which were it is in Nafae Ibn Alazraq Street – Next to Mandarin Mart and The Powder Room – ☏ 22615025!!

Also i didn’t find the place!!!! .. i called them up and they said ask anybody where Mandarin Mart is .. we are next to it!! (Really?!!!)

In the end i decided to call Mandarin Mart and ask them for directions .. they also didn’t give me the proper direction .. but .. i found it in the end!!! .. if you are coming from Gulf Road take the right turn which should take you to where crumbs and Costa Del Sol Hotel are and then take the first right .. you will see a building called Yasmin i think .. go to the end of the road and you will find the place looking like that!

The place is just tiny!!

I thought they sell pizza slices but it turn out that they only sell whole pizza .. or at least for now!!

I ordered 1 pizza with half Beefeater and half Original!!

I was so excited and wanted to try a piece while driving .. but i waited till i got home .. and honestly .. i didn’t like the pizza!!! .. maybe my choise was wrong .. but usually you can judge the pizza by having the safest choise .. the Margareta .. or in this case .. the Original!! .. but it wasn’t good actually .. i didn’t enjoy any bite of it!!!!

I might give it another try with different kind of pizza .. but i’m not that excited to do so!!

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Posted by on November 11, 2011 in Kuwait Food


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