Food Review: Tim Hortons .. Dubai!

12 Nov

I heard about this place from my friends who used to go to Canada .. they said it the most famous coffee shop there!! .. and now .. i can see why!!

They have a branch in Dubai .. so i decided to try it out for breakfast .. when i went there .. it was full .. people are standing in line!! .. i thought to leave but then decided to wait to give it a try .. and good i did 🙂

I ordered a Plain Bagel with Egg and Cheese .. and a hot English Toffee drink!

Now i must say that i didn’t try a lot of bagels in my lifetime .. But among those i tried .. Tim Hortons bagel are the best .. they are really tasty and fresh!!

I also got myself an instant hot chocolate powder .. i heard they are good and i wanted to try them out!

I really .. really .. wish this place opens in Kuwait .. i’m a big fan already and i believe you will also be once you try it!!


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Posted by on November 12, 2011 in Paparazzi


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