Food Review: Jamie’s Italian .. Dubai!

13 Nov

As being a fan of Festival City Mall .. In my last visit i went to Jamie’s Italian restaurant .. again!!

It is located in Marina Pavillion in Festival City .. which it the part on the other side of the canal!

I’ve been to this restaurant before .. i remember last time i’ve been there i ordered their Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli .. it tasted different .. but good different .. i liked it 🙂

This time .. i wanted to try something new .. so my order was:

For appetizers .. i ordered Smoky Scamorza Arancini .. i love it .. i’m a fan of Arancini .. i love the one at Alforno .. and this one is even better 🙂

I also ordered Crispy Polenta Chips for appetizers .. i also loved it!

Then .. for my main course .. i ordered the Burger Italiano!!

You see how big it is!!!!! .. when i saw it .. i was going to run away!!

How am i supposed to eat this!! .. Such burger needs mkasar o fanelaa o ga3da ar’6eyaa!! mo kash5a o raza o 6awlaa!!!!!

Now i know some of you will say .. who order a burger in an italian restaurant?!!! .. well .. i did .. and i’m not sorry for that .. it was i can say the best burger i had .. in Dubai at least .. its one of the best .. Yummyyyy .. so recommended (if the place is not crowded of course!!)

The restaurant is nice .. the food is good and it has a good atmosphere .. i recommend it if you didn’t try it yet 🙂

One last thing .. i believe all of you know who Jamie’s is .. right?! .. Jamie Oliver .. ring any bells?! .. The naked chef?!!

To have a look at what this restaurant offer .. here is the menu

For more info about the restaurant .. here




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