El PaDRiNo Q8 is on Detox Diet!!

16 Nov

Its been a long time now since we first started our new project in the company i’m working on!!

and since we started .. we were staying at work till 6 PM in average .. which means we were having our lunch at work!!

We were actually having a variety of food each day .. but the common thing about them is that they are all ordered from restaurants .. mostly .. fast food!!

The other day my mother was talking to me trying to convince me that she should give me “3eshreg”!! .. i think it is some kind of drink that will take out everything in your stomach and clean it up!!

But .. instead .. i thought i will follow this diet since i heard its a detox diet (which should give same results of 3eshreg) and also i should lose 3 to 4 kg .. in a week!! .. isn’t that cool 🙂

Now you should all know that i’m not that fat .. i’m around 184 cm tall and last time i checked my weight i was 89 kg .. i think this is acceptable somehow!!

Anyways .. yesterday i started .. i got a strong headache around 7 PM .. i don’t know if that’s because of this or not!!

Today is my second day .. i forget to weight my self before i start .. but anyway .. i’m checking my weight by looking at my Karsha .. if it’s getting smaller .. then this damn thing is actually working :-p

What i’m having per day is the following:

In the morning:

a piece of fruit (apple, orange, 4 pieces strawberry, 4 pieces grape) .. one of them of course!!

Then .. in the middle of the morning .. 3 pieces of dates (that is a pure date .. not the one with nuts not the one with syrup) .. and 5 pieces of nuts (not salted neither flavoured!)

at around 12 PM .. that is before lunch .. a salad .. any kind .. but without a sauce!

Then for lunch .. you should have 1/4 piece of grilled chicken or equivalent of grilled meat or grilled fish + salad!

if you felt hungry before dinner .. 3 pieces of dates or a piece of fruit should be the answer!

as for dinner .. you can have veg soup or lantin soup or taboula or salad!

Hmmmm … that’s about it … is it really going to work?!! .. i heard it does .. i’m doing it now .. wait for my results and then decide 🙂


Posted by on November 16, 2011 in Personal


2 responses to “El PaDRiNo Q8 is on Detox Diet!!

  1. 3ateeja

    November 19, 2011 at 2:47 AM

    YIKES, i hate detox !! 😛
    good luck with it !

    • El PaDRiNo

      November 19, 2011 at 12:34 PM

      7adaa YIKES!! .. Thnx 🙂


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