Movies Addiction!!

29 Nov

I guess you already know guys that i’m a movies addict!!

Looking at my previous posts about movie reviews should tell you how much i love movies!!

I remember back in Eid holiday i was in Dubai with my pals .. and Waleed was talking about the DreamBox and how he wanted one with all the good features it has!!

We ended up .. having one for each of us ..

This box is actually having great features!

Us being computer engineers know what does it mean to have a device with an actual OS!! .. the DreamBox have a real OS!

I know it was known in Kuwait a long time ago for being the receiver to watch Paid channels for free!! .. but this is not what i bought it for!!

Do you know VLC player?! .. you can install it in the DM and stream your movies from your PC or Laptop .. also you can install a hard desk inside it and store all your movies in it 🙂

I loved all those features .. but honestly .. i didn’t find the proper support and how to in the internet for it .. so i didn’t know how to do all those things .. i ended up .. using it as a receiver .. but it is always good to have features around for whenever you need it .. right :-p

Then .. i saw Sheeel deal .. it was just the thing i’m looking for!

The iOmega ScreenPlay media player was the answer!!

It is a 2TB hard desk with the ability to connect to TV and watch whatever inside it without the need to convert!!

I loved how it can play most of the video extensions that i have .. i can watch the .mkv, .rmvb, .avi .. and much more!

and among that .. i still can use it as a storage device if i don’t want to watch movies in it!!

now i can store all my TV shows and movies in one device and play them directly from it whenever i feel wanting to 🙂

BUT .. i faced a new problem .. MY TV!!

My tv .. is acting weirdo these days!! .. the colors are just changing by its own!! .. i haven’t been able to fix it yet!!!


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4 responses to “Movies Addiction!!

  1. Danderma

    November 29, 2011 at 11:29 AM

    “Us being computer engineers know what does it mean to have a device with an actual OS!! .. the DreamBox have a real OS!”

    Looool padrino! Shakhbar el OS class laman galolna write a UNIX compiler? Did u write yours from scratch :p

    Anyways being movie addicts ourselves Bu Tootee bought something similar. A tiny thing around a year ago that does the same. We used it for like 3 days then we forgot about it and its there gathering dust along with 2 sling boxes that we don’t know how to configure b3d properly :p Fa I still resort to the trusty old authentic DVD buying for the movies I like.

    • El PaDRiNo

      November 29, 2011 at 11:42 AM

      Yeah .. of course i did it from scratch!! .. e7m e7m .. ana agool balash fa’6aye7 .. bs hey .. i’m an engineer now at the end right :-p

      i hope my new kid don’t get the same fate as the one you have .. although i’m still thinking of getting back to buying DVDs but they take a lot of space in my room :-p

      Sling box was an option for me .. heard about the configuration issues and all .. so i just forget about it 😀

  2. ali

    November 29, 2011 at 12:07 PM

    well a true movie fan wouldnt really download his movies illegally now would he… -_-

    • El PaDRiNo

      November 29, 2011 at 12:17 PM

      Some of the movies don’t really worth buying 😉

      The ones that are really good deserve to be bought 🙂


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