Danderma’s Graduating @ Gloria Jean’s Coffees!

29 Jan

I was honored to be invited to the graduation ceremony for my sis Danderma after she have successfully finished her 5 days training course .. which by the way as one of the employees of the cafe said: “This course usually take a month and it take the trainees quite sometime to be able to learn and do things right .. BUT .. Danderma have impressed us with her great contribution and she was a real fast learner” .. and i can asure you guys that this was true because .. when i was there i felt a little devilish with the fork in my right hand .. i wanted to order something hard to test if she really knows what she’s doing :p

and for my luck .. my friend Aziz (her husband) was going to order the same order .. which was .. hmmmm .. wait a minute .. what was the name!! .. i actually don’t know the name .. that’s how hard our order was .. and one more thing .. it wasn’t even in the menu!!

But .. Super Danderma managed to survive my trap and made us the coffee we asked for which was really delicious although she topped it with whip cream and i’m not a big fan of that!!

After that there was a little celebration and certificate giving for 2 of best employees and of course danderma for her graduation .. CONGRATS SIS 🙂

P.S: I haven’t had a chance to take pictures so i would like to say that i’m taking some pictures from pinkgirlq8 blog and Crazy Yet Wise who were also there .. i hope that’s ok with you ladies?!


In this board .. they gave us little papers to write a comment with our blog names .. then they posted them here!! .. you want to know what i wrote?!!

I’m not tellin .. go to Gloria Jeans Coffees – Salmiya branch in front of Geant to read it :p

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