Review: Yummy Jar!

11 May

This is a new small business that (at least) i heard about lately .. i don’t know if its been around for long or not!!

I liked the pictures which i received through whatsapp and i decided to give it a try!!

i ordered yesterday in the morning and asked them to deliver it in the afternoon around 6pm!

They have 5 different flavors: Nutella with cake, rice crispy with chocolate sauce, taramisu, fruits and biscuit with chocolate sauce.

I ordered the Nutella of course along with the rice crispy!

Look wise .. the jars looks yummy and nice .. Taste wise .. i liked the Nutella more than the rice crispy.

But to be honest .. there is nothing special about it other than the look of the jars! .. the Nutella is basically cake that looks like Sara cake toped with Nutella! .. as for the rice crispy it is rice crispy on a jar toped with chocolate sauce! .. There is no special recipe about it at all!

The dozen costs 12KD including the delivery .. you can order using this number: 50572668

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Posted by on May 11, 2012 in Kuwait Food


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