Review: Brown Diamond Sweet!

13 May

I heard a lot about this from my colleagues and today .. i decided to try it!

Brown Diamond is a sweet business that sells … Brown diamonds only!!

Only what you see in the pictures is what they sell .. did you recognize what that sweet is made of?!

say that again?!! .. Marshmallow?! .. correct .. Biscuit?! .. correct .. chocolate?! .. you are absolutely right! .. so .. you think its easy and you can make it?!!! .. YOU ARE WRONG!!

yes you are wrong .. looking at it might not give you an indication how amazing it tastes!!

it is really amazing .. very nice for zwara with tea or coffee and hathraa :p

it comes in bite size .. and they sell it in kilos .. and i can tell you that you might eat a full half kilo by yourself .. nothing called sharing is caring in this :p

if you are looking for a sweet that is different than cookies and molters .. i think this will be the right choice .. it is also good for zwaras as it comes in a neat and elegant box 🙂

give it a try guys !!

their contact info are as follows:

Tel: 97767111


Twitter: @browndiamond2



The price is actually 12KD for the kilo .. you can still order half kilo (the picture) .. and the delivery charge depends on the area you are in 🙂

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Posted by on May 13, 2012 in Kuwait Food


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