Vintage Chocolate Lounge – The Dubai Mall!

19 May

I was in Dubai a while ago and i tried this place for the first time!!

although i go to Dubai a lot but i haven’t been to this place before. But when i tried it .. i became a regular visitor whenever i go to Dubai!!

I was passing by it when i saw a big Ad in front of it showing the thing i ordered in the last picture! .. its name was “Chocolate Sushi”!

i liked the idea .. strange!! .. so i decided to try it out!

it is basically 6 different rolls with different flavors, it has cheese cake, crepe with nuttela, something with coconut and something with pistachio!!

and on the side, they are offering chocolate and strawberry as dipping .. and since it is Sushi .. they will give you chopsticks to eat it with 🙂

I loved it .. nothing so special about it honestly .. but i loved it and i was eating it everyday!!!! specially with the strawberry dipping!!

I say try it out .. whenever you book for a movie in Reel cinema and you have little time until it starts .. visit this lounge and try this while you are waiting 🙂

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Posted by on May 19, 2012 in Paparazzi


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