Bubbles & Boba – The Dubai Mall

20 May

When i was in Dubai Mall .. i saw this booth .. it seemed as a new thing to try .. so i asked them what is your best seller?! and what are you selling exactly!

They told me that their best seller is the thing i ordered .. which was the Milk with Tea!!

you want to know what this drink is really all about?!! .. here is what they say about it in their website!

Move over trendy coffee drinks and make way for the new Global craze. Finally there’s a drink that you can actually EAT! For the first-timers, ordering a Bubble Tea can be an Event. What makes bubble tea so special is the tapioca pearl aka Boba, which are about the size of actual pearls or small marble balls and they have a consistency that resembles a gummy bear (SOFT and CHEWY).

look wise .. it looks nice!! .. taste wise .. awwwww .. allah ezed el ne3ma .. i didn’t like it at all .. you can not verify the real taste you are drinking .. and yet .. there are those small balls that get into your straw straight to your mouth!! .. i don’t know if the supposed to taste something or they should be tasteless!!!!

For me .. i’m not planning to try it again!! .. if you want .. you can pass by them and they will give you a sample to taste .. if you like it .. then go for it!!


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Posted by on May 20, 2012 in Paparazzi


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