Review: Zee Brgr!

08 Jun

Since today is Friday .. this means my lunch will be from a restaurant (as if its not my daily habit!!)

I heared a lot about this restaurant .. read blogs and bloggers reviews about it .. so i wanted to try it out!

My order was ZEE Brgr ® + Sesame Chicken ® by Maki + French Fries ® !

i made my order for the food using zee brgr website. when i finished my order they called me up to inform me that the order will take around 1 hour and 15 minutes .. and also to check how i would like my burger to be .. i asked for it to be medium well!

after 1 hour and almost 15 minutes the order was at my door .. and i found Maki delivery car parked in front of my house .. at first i thought one of my sisters ordered Maki or something! .. but it turned out to be my order from Zee Brgr delivered by Maki car!

i started with the chicken .. the first two bites tastes good .. but then when i reached the ones soaked by the sauce .. i didn’t like it!! .. not my type of sauce i guess!!

Then .. the BURGER .. when i opened the wrapping it looked weird!! .. it didn’t look that delicious .. but i figured out that even Elevation burger and Shake Shak burgers doesn’t look delicious .. but they do taste so!!

So .. i took my first bite .. i’m not in heaven!! .. second bite .. i’m still on my chair!!! .. third bite! .. It seems i’m going nowhere but our Kitchen!! .. yep .. the burger wasn’t any special .. i even didn’t like it!! .. i tasted a lot of burgers that top this one .. i might have had high hopes for this one looking at what people were saying about it!! .. but honestly .. in my opinion .. it is not recommended .. and i don’t think i’m going to try it again! .. a burger like this .. with a price tag like that?! .. no thanks .. don’t count me in 🙂

As for the fries .. tasteless!

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    April 4, 2013 at 12:32 PM

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