Apple iOS6: What The Fuss Is All About?!

12 Jun

yesterday apple have announced their new major update of their iOS mobile operating system. This update is iOS6!

a lot of people were expecting that apple will announce a new iPhone! .. But they didn’t!

i have downloaded the new iOS and installed it in my iPhone 4S .. what’s new about it?! .. you will find out some of the changes that i noticed!

But before i start .. i must say that i felt a little disappointed after the announcement of the iOS .. this might be coz i was expecting something big .. specially with the Samsung Galaxy SIII being in the market with amazing features!!

but it turned out that apple seem to postponed the challenge to a later date .. maybe with the announcement of the iPhone 5 or something!! .. let us wait and see

first change i noticed was in the Arabic keyboard .. the change is that they added “ى” key next to “و” key which is kinda annoying since we were used to have this place for the “و” key .. so .. double check your msgs before sending .. mesh na29een badleyaat!!

The weather now shows your location .. no more Kuwait only .. its showing my exact location 🙂

The photos options are no more in words .. now there are icons to show what you want to do with the photo

Bluetooth is now in the main setting screen .. no need to go to General -> Bluetooth!!

also a new option added .. Do Not Disturb .. turning this option on will make your iPhone act as if you have switched it off .. the callers will get the mobile has been switched off .. as for the messages and all you will receive them but the screen will not light up and no sound notification will come!

Siri .. what’s new?! .. what i noticed is that it will make calls now!! .. in the last software update Siri was not working in Kuwait to make calls .. now its working .. you can ask her to call a name and it will call!

also there is the option of Raise to Speak .. when its on .. when you raise the phone to your ear Siri will be activated and waiting for your instructions!

You can configure Do Not Disturb option with awesome options .. like .. you can specify people who should not be silenced when they call .. also you can schedule when to activate this option automatically .. also the option of Repeated Calls when turned on it will allow the urgent calls as stated as long as the repeated calls have a maximum of three minutes gab!

Privacy option is added which will allow you to control the applications access to your contacts, calendar, photos .. even the location services

Music app, App store and iTunes app are all having a newly designed interfaces

Mail app have VIP inbox added .. also you can now drag the screen down to refresh!

The dialer design have been changed .. i like it more like that 🙂

more options have been added for the received calls .. now you can slide the screen up to show the options when you have an incoming call!

you can send a message or set a reminder to call back .. the calling back reminder itself have two options .. you can set a reminder after 1 hour or when you leave the place you are in .. this will need the location service to be on!

In the setting screen under General .. Network option have been replaced with Cellular option in which you can turn cellular data on and off .. also you can specify when to use the cellular data.

You can also notice that 3G option have been removed which means you can not turn off 3G!

since facebook app is now integrated with the OS .. you will find facebook options in the alert screen to set the notification sound you want.

Dial Assist option has been added .. this option when turned on will help you by automatically determines the correct international or local prefix when dialing!

a nice newly added option is the ability to tweet and post to your facebook account from the top curtain. clicking on Tap to Tweet for example will open a small window in the curtain itself where you can write down your tweet and send it .. but you will not be able to add attachments to it!

also .. a lot of new emojis have been added .. but the receiver will not be able to see them i guess unless he/she have the iOS6 as well!! .. which means .. don’t use them for your contacts who use Blackberry 🙂

Now talking about the stability of the OS .. i haven’t had enough time to judge .. but for the time i used it i found out that whenever you unlock the screen you will notice a flicker in the screen!

also for the below screen .. whenever i click on Send & Receive the system will hang and it will not open the screen of the addresses!

also i felt there is an issue with the internet connection! .. Whatsapp will keep disconnecting and connecting every around 5 minutes!!

That’s All for now Folks!!

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