Samsung Galaxy S III – Flip Cover!

03 Jul

I have got my self a Samsung Galaxy S3 lately!!

I like the phone so far. I was looking for covers to protect it from scratches and all .. i know all of you guys have this thing which is when i get a new mobile i will start taking extra extra care of it .. i will buy a screen protector .. a cover .. i will keep an eye on the battery and not let it stay on the charger when is full!! .. all that will continue until the mobile have its first fall!!

So i was searching for a cover to protect my S3 and i saw this one from Samsung them self .. it is a Flip Cover!

what caught my eyes at first is the color .. which almost match the color of the mobile itself (blue) .. so i decided to order one!

Today .. i received my order and i was really pleased about it .. i love the cover .. it is actually designed in a way that if you need to put it on you need to remove the back cover (battery cover) of the device and replace it with the flip cover which has a matching color! .. and that will keep the thin factor of the phone while you will still have the protection you need 🙂

i found one website that sells different colors from this but i’m not sure if they are original or not!!

check them out here

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Posted by on July 3, 2012 in Mobiles


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