Review: Solo Churros

02 Aug





Yesterday i decided i wanted to eat sweets and screw u diet!!

My choise was to try solo churros as i’m a big fan of churros and was eating it at least once a day when i was in Barcelona.

I’m talking here about the original churros of course .. The one covered with sugar and a chocolate dipping on the side!!

But Solo churros have decided to add their own touch to the famous spanish sweet by adding 9 flavours that includes Nutella, Kinder and Ferrero!!

I was lost .. What should i go with!! .. So the best answer was to go with a mixed box which i ordered two of. The box have a dozen for 6kd.

They told me they will deliver it aroud 7:30 .. It was at my house before 7!! .. Which was great 😀

After having my F6oor .. I started the tasting round .. I tasted all the kinds they brought but honestly .. I couldn’t figure out which is which!!!!!

They all tasted almost the same!!!! Although they look different from the outside!! .. Well .. To be fair .. Whatever was having chocolate filling was tasting the same!! .. I could’t figure the nutella from the ferrero from the kinder!! .. Which was strange!!!

The size of the minis was fine except that they have a thick churros dough .. I think the chocolate on the top should be more so we can feel the taste of it!!

Overall .. It was ok .. I might order again but not the minis .. If i’m ordering again it will be the original churros!

I don’t know about u folks .. U might a different taste than mine .. If u want to try it u can call them up

Their shop is @ Burj Jassim – Ground floor
Tel: 22960097
Instagram: solochurros
Twitter: @solochurros

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Posted by on August 2, 2012 in Kuwait Food


One response to “Review: Solo Churros

  1. 3ateeja

    August 4, 2012 at 9:14 PM

    I totally agree with you !! it’s overrated


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