Should You Buy Microsoft Surface?!!

10 Feb

All of you already know or heard about Microsoft trying to compete with Apple and Samsung by releasing their own tablet right?!

Each company should work on the most powerful thing it has that parts it from the others. Apple for example were sure to include iTunes in all their iOS products as its been their strongest thing in the market and nobody else was able to do it as good!

Microsoft in the other hand have searched for what they do have and no other company did it as good .. of course it wasn’t their Windows OS since other manufacturers have already tried to make tablets running Windows OS and they failed miserably to deliver a good user experience.

So .. i think Microsoft have learned from those mistakes. And that’s what drives them to come up with the Microsoft Surface RT!

Now .. Is this device worth buying?!

The powerful thing that Microsoft have among other companies is the Microsoft Office i think!

and although they released a version for Mac OS, they didn’t do the same for iOS devices.

Other companies have released their own Office like apps to work on iOS and android devices but they were still not a real Microsoft Office although you still can view Office files on them!

Now .. To start with .. i have bought the Microsoft Surface RT a while back .. and honestly .. i was hating it before even trying it as being a Mac user and having the thought that Microsoft Windows … Sucks!!

In the beginning i thought as any new device you might buy you will find yourself using it more than you other devices .. so i found myself using it more than my iPad mini and i thought its only the honeymoon period that you spend with any new device you buy!

But after i while .. i started loving the Surface .. and i think .. Microsoft has finally nailed it with this device!!

You should know the following though .. if you are into games and all .. this device is not for you .. yet! .. as iOS and android games are more and better than the ones in Microsoft Store!

If you are using your tablet for browsing mostly .. then you may like this one!

The device has two browsers .. yes .. you heard it right .. two browsers! .. a light one and a full IE one!

You should get the Touch Cover as it is a real handy accessory that you will find your self using more often than the touch screen.

Recently .. Microsoft has released the Pro version of the Microsoft Surface which runs a full windows 8!

should you get that one?! .. i’d say no .. if you want a Surface then the RT is the one you should get .. why?!! .. here is my opinion!

Why would you want to get the Pro?!! .. it is running a full windows 8 .. which means it is almost a laptop .. but .. it is not!!

you might buy a laptop with almost the same price or even cheaper! .. so get a laptop better right?!

the full windows will allow you to install any windows app .. but .. do you really want to install regular windows apps on it?! .. it is a tablet .. which means it should mainly run on batteries .. how processor consuming those apps you want to install are?!!

Are those apps designed to work perfectly on touch screens?!! .. you will not use them using the touch screen and you will use the keyboard and mouse instead?!! .. then .. get a laptop!!

how many windows apps in the internet have embedded malware or viruses?! .. so it is risky to install them on your Surface right?! .. but the same applies to the laptop you would say! .. ok .. but the laptop have more storage that Surface .. in both you need to install a decent anti-virus .. and you need it to be up to date .. so how much memory it will take?! .. get a laptop!

I think .. in my own opinion that Microsoft will stop selling the Surface Pro soon .. although it is already getting out of stock in different places .. but people will realize that with this specific device .. Microsoft hasn’t learned from the other manufacturers mistakes who has introduces tablets running windows before iPads comes in! .. and don’t tell me that windows 8 is designed to be working on both touch and regular screens! .. the idea is not on the OS itself .. its in the third party apps that makes the difference .. and i don’t think developers will make apps to run only for windows 8 while there is a huge number of PCs out there running windows 7 and XP!

So .. in short .. i think developers will focus on the RT more than the Pro version!


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2 responses to “Should You Buy Microsoft Surface?!!

  1. Q8GEEK

    February 10, 2013 at 3:36 PM

    This comment will be so long. grab some coffee while reading it…

    I’ll get a bit technical here.

    Windows 8 RT:
    * It runs on ARM processors.
    * Can only support Metro UI.
    * Can only install apps through marketplace.
    * Viruses won’t be as much as a normal computer because you can’t install anything that haven’t been approved by Microsoft (Which, as a Windows Phone developer, they really check the quality before approving… Few hiccups though).
    * Doesn’t support .NET framework (Which explains why you can’t install 3rd-party applications. And this have been explained due to incompatible drivers. At least as far as the seminar I’ve attended went last year).
    * Apps working on Windows 8 RT will work on Windows 8 Pro.
    * Metro UI is almost as good in performance as .NET framework. But not as big as .NET (As in, way less API calls and support compared to .NET)

    Windows 8 Pro:
    * It runs on x86-64 (Intel\AMD perhaps).
    * it uses both Metro UI and .NET framework
    * It can install both apps from marketplace and 3rd party applications (No need to get a dev account and go through approving process if you’re developing a 3rd-party application).
    * More vulnerable to viruses compared to RT because there’s no restriction. A good antivirus can help (But not importantly is the best thing to do, common sense!)
    * Apps working on Windows 8 Pro won’t work on Windows 8 RT (If using .NET framework).
    * .NET framework has much more APIs, support, and features compared to Metro UI

    Now that I set up the technical differences, let me go to similarities.

    * They both run Metro UI apps.
    * They both have touch screens and stuff.
    * They’re both battery-saving optimized.
    * They both have marketplace and can sync your live account.

    Done with technicalities. Here’s some explanation why Surface Pro can’t die.

    The reason why Surface Pro will keep on pumping is the need for 3rd party applications and desktop-like software on the go.

    For example, Wireshark is one of the most common network troubleshooting tool and it can’t run in Metro UI due to lack of API support. But it works flawlessly on .NET framework. So for professional needs, Surface Pro floats.

    Another example, Photoshop. Yes, perhaps there’d be a Metro version for it. But it wouldn’t be as good as a .NET one (Not to mention the ability to freely install plug-ins and filters). Why would someone use Photoshop on a tablet? Well, in .NET framework, the touch sensing is advanced to a level that it can detect your palm and isolate it and only register your pen (stylus) writing as if you’re actually just writing on a paper (Not sure if Metro UI have such ability, but I’m sure .NET ones does because I saw that happens on a Windows 7-based tablet). Apply that to drawing, you get magic.

    A last example, running a custom company software. Instead of investing hours to develop a Metro UI for the same software, you can use that same software on Pro.

    I haven’t mentioned other abilities such as virtualization and perhaps installing an alternative OS (Linux perhaps?)

    Worried about battery? Grab a Samsung Series 9 laptop and use it for a while. The battery DOES last for good hours and it’s on Windows 7. Windows 8 Pro tablets are much more optimized for battery saving.

    Pro and RT have different markets and roads. Each is suited for a set of needs and requirements. If you want something quick and less-expensive, go RT. If you want a real monster-tablet, get a Pro

    • El PaDRiNo

      February 10, 2013 at 4:23 PM

      First of i would like to thank you for taking the time in writing down those useful information that most of i don’t know about!

      now .. about what you wrote .. everything you said still make me believe that i should not go for the Pro .. and here is why i think:

      1. Lets agree that professional users are less than normal users in number .. and as my blog is actually not a technical or pro blog about gadgets .. i should have mentioned that what i wrote should apply to normal users and thank you for clarifying that 🙂

      2. The early reviews about Surface Pro shows a bad performance in the battery life and as i read Microsoft are thinking of providing an accessory to solve such issue .. what does that mean?! .. more weight .. maybe nearly a laptop weight or even heavier .. which means .. go with a laptop .. at least it has more ports!

      3. As for your Photoshop example .. Photoshop is a big and heavy app that even regular laptops might find it difficult working with it smoothly .. don’t you agree?! .. i mean .. we always say get the biggest RAMs and best graphic cards for those who want a laptop to design! .. Adobe has released a version for iPads and it does make you able to design proper designs .. and it is designed for touch screens!

      4. I was going to write this review before Surface Pro release .. and i was going to name it “should you wait for Surface Pro?!” .. and the answer of course as i see it .. NO! .. why?! .. because Surface Pro will run Windows 8 and Samsung and Asus have already announced tablets running Windows 8 and i think some of them were already released and have better specs than Surface or same specs .. so what’s so special about waiting for the Surface?!

      5. We are here in a tough decision .. what do you want your tablet for?! .. most tablet users are using it away from work .. and they prefer a laptop for work .. which puts Surface Pro in the middle!! .. you are getting some of the two worlds but not the best!

      In the end .. i agree with what you said .. it has its market .. but i don’t think its going to be a hit in that market unless Microsoft pushed marketing that way .. and i still think that successful tablets means light weight + long battery life along with good apps to work on .. and that even might make Surface RT struggle a bit facing iPads and Galaxy Tabs.

      Thank you again for your great comment


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