Whatsapp on BlackBerry Z10!

19 Feb



I tried to install whatsapp to my new blackberry Z10. The method for installing it is not that hard and the steps to do it are explained Here

It is actually a ported version of the Android version. As a temporary solution.. it is good with some issues as follows:

– it will not add your contacts automatically and it will not see your contacts who have whatsapp but they can see that you have whatsapp.

– in order for you to chat with anyone.. they need to start the chat first and you should not end the chat or you will not be able to chat with them and you’ll need towait forthem to start the chat with you again!!

– sending media files, showing the contact display picture and emojies are all there and working fine

– if you received a message from anybody their number will show instead of their saved name in your contacts list but in some cases the name will show.

– Arabic is partly supported. You can send in arabic and receive as will but it will show as in the picture.. letters next to each other!!

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Posted by on February 19, 2013 in Mobiles


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