A disaster called Ben’s Cookies!!

08 Apr


I still remember when i first heard about Ben’s cookies and how good it is .. i wanted to try it so bad back then .. i remember i searched and found out that they have a branch in Dubai .. but only in the Airport .. and specifically .. in Terminal 3!!

That didn’t stop me from wanting to try it out so i got a ticket to Dubai on the Emirates just to land on Terminal 3 and try Ben’s cookies!!!!!

I liked it .. i was happy that it tastes good after all that i done .. But then .. i went to London .. and tried it out there!

It was sooo yummy in London .. different than the one in Dubai .. maybe because i was buying it freshly baked just out of the oven! .. and their Hot Chocolate was also yummy!!

After London i went back to Dubai and tried it again .. that is before it opened in Kuwait! .. i felt the difference between London and Dubai but it was still tastes good and i could accept the difference for the distance sake .. and then .. Taraa Raa Raa Raaaaaaaaaaaaaa


That was my emotions before i try it .. and after trying it .. BOOOOHOOOOOOOO … GOOOOO AWAAAAAAYYY .. YOU ARE A CHEATER .. YOU ARE NOT THE SAME SHOP!!!

the worst Ben’s cookies i tried so far .. way to go Kuwait branch .. if you will keep serving things like that and call them cookies you will not survive in front of any of the cookie ventures in Kuwait .. yes you heard me right!! .. Back in London i was eating in a daily basis 2 or 3 cookies and i’m loving it .. here in Kuwait .. i can not even complete one piece .. they are sooooo greasy .. heavy .. and obviously not made well .. it is wither the machines are new or the staff are not trained enough to perfect the cookie!!!!!

So this post is dedicated to the owners of Ben’s cookies .. please please please .. don’t make me hate Ben’s cookies because of the things you are serving and call cookies .. i’m sure you are aware of the quality difference and i hope you could fix things soon .. i know you just opened and things might not be in the right place just yet .. but still .. that is not an excuse .. we’ve been waiting for this for a long time now .. so make it right or keep us waiting more .. but don’t disappoint us!


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3 responses to “A disaster called Ben’s Cookies!!

  1. Abdallah

    April 8, 2013 at 3:04 PM

    Such a shame!! I kept checking their offcial UK website often and it kept saying the Kuwait branch would open in December, then delayed to January, then February, then March and finally April..

    I’m very VERY mad if that’s how they really tasted after-all this very long wait!!

    Either open a real Ben’s Cookies worth all the work you’ve done in bringing it home, or just don’t bother really!!

    I’m only saying this because it’s my favorate cookie store.. I even used to order them with the dough half baked in the UK and it still tasted much better.. The Dubai Mall branch served it this way last time and it was just as good.. Because I went early.. They said its served cold towards the end of the day..

    Shame on you Kuwait branch! Quick change or an official bust!!

  2. SupportingBen

    April 8, 2013 at 3:37 PM

    Al Dahan were the contractors that built the shop. They do not own Ben’s 🙂 I recommend that you go again, sir.
    Good day.

    • El PaDRiNo

      April 8, 2013 at 3:51 PM

      Thank you for the correction 🙂


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