An Addiction called CAFÉ BATEEL!!

08 Apr

Ever since i tried it for the first time it became a must in each of my visits to Dubai .. even if i’m there for a day .. i have to make time for it!

I loved the concept of having everything mixed with dates .. they are serving famous sweets and they are adding their own touch to it .. that is .. dates of course!


Their Arabic coffee is good .. might not be the best you could try .. but looking at the places they have and the atmosphere .. it is a good choice!

also their sticky Toffee Pudding is a must try .. it is a killer .. take my advice .. DO NOT SHARE IT!

as for the rest of their sweets .. they look good and some of the things i tried were not bad but since the sticky pudding is there no need to search for any other sweet 😀

They have more than a branch around Dubai, the ones i know are The Dubai Mall next to Starbucks in the basment, Mirdiff City Center in the second floor and Fistival City!

They do have a branch in London but it is not serving the same sweets as in Dubai. I know they have a branch in Kuwait also .. i think it was in Marina Mall .. but i’m not sure if it is the cafe or just the dates shop!


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Posted by on April 8, 2013 in Paparazzi


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