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Dulce Bites is back with more!

Dulce Bites is a name that contains a spanish part and english part!

Dulce in spanish means sweet .. so you can say it is called sweet bites .. and they are actually sweet!

take a look at the mouth watering pics

IMG_0653 IMG_0655 IMG_0656 IMG_0658 IMG_0662 IMG_0665

as you can see from the pics .. they are offering two kinds of dulce .. a cheesecake filled strawberries and pumpkin cakes!

you can place your order 1 day in advance


Whatsapp: 90087972 (whatsapp only – no calls)

Instagram: Dulce_bites

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Review: R.V Burger!

20130410_15514320130410_155231 20130410_155252 20130410_155327 20130410_155350

Yesterday, I tried R.V Burger for the first time!

I remember that i read about it before and i’m already following them on Instagram but i didn’t have the chance to try them until yesterday!

What they offer is simply an RV Burger .. single or double .. Real Veal that is!!

you can add whatever toppings you like from their menu of toppings as the burger comes with onion, lettuce, tomato, pickles and RV sauce!

as for the sides .. you can choose between the regular fries, cheese fries or chilli fries.

What we ordered was the single burger and the three kinds of fries!

The burger tastes yummy .. not the top i tried so far but it still yummy and i could happily order again!

The fries was good also .. the best of them all was the chilli!

They might need to work on the delivery thing as we received the order cold and that really made a big difference in the taste .. i believe if we have eaten all of that when it was hot we would love it even more .. so if you wanna try it .. unless you are living in Shuwaikh .. don’t order a delivery .. go eat at the restaurant that is located in 52 Degrees!


Location: 52 Degrees

Instagram: rvburgerq8

Tel: 60917748 – 22254569

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Food Review: News Burger





I heared a lot about this place .. News Burger .. It is located in Jabreya in the same street of Herfy!

As today is the first day of eid .. I decided i will have my lunch from them and to try them for the first time!

The menu doesn’t include a lot of things .  U only need to choose a single or double burger with their toppings and choose ur fries!

My order was double without onion and without hot sauce!

From where i heared about it .. I was expecting better than that .. It was simply .. Over rated!!

The burger tastes like kofta!! .. It was good but not at all to be rated out of the best burger joints in kuwait .. A lot of places have better burgers than this one!!

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Food review: Cubes

I read about this in ilsul6ana blog .. So i wanted to try it out specially when a friend also told me about it!

In short .. They sell chocolate cheesecakes .. In a cube shape .. I guess thats why the name!






How was it? .. Well .. It was good .. Not amazing .. But good .. Nothing special .. U will feel that you have tasted it before somewhere!! .. I thought it would have some special taste or so .. But it didn’t!!

The box contains a dozen for 9.5kd including delivery!

Tel: 55444899
Instagram: @cubesq8
Twitter: @cubesq8

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Food Review: Divine Bakery!

Fe elfatra ela5era kan hal bakery elsalfa ely ensolef feha .. specially .. yom gamaw e7e6on 9owar el red velvet with Kunafa bel Instagram!!

Me and my friends were looking forward to try it out .. and we agreed whoever tries it first should tell the others his opinion!

Now .. i’m the first to try it out .. and here is my opinion about it!

First of .. i called them for delivery and they told me that the minimum charge for my area is 15kd and they will charge me 2kd for delivery!

I agreed on that .. and ordered the following:

Red Velvet with Kunafa:-

all the fuzz was about this specifically .. i actually made the order only to try this as i’m a fan of red velvet .. and also a fan of kunafa .. and this is a strange combination here!

trying it out though was a disapointment!! .. i didn’t like it that much!

to put it in details .. it is basicly a red velvet cake topped with frosting .. and shwayat she3reya fog el frosting!!

i didn’t like it that much coz ana ma a7eb akel shay etkon feh el she3reya yabsa o 3ala 7a6atha chethy!! ted5al been le’6roos!!

o ba3deen .. nothing special about it!! .. simply .. get your favorite red velvet .. bite it .. o put 5am6at she3reya in your mouth .. and vioala .. you have the red velvet with kunafa!!

el red velvet cake nafesha i will not talk about it coz in this case you are buying red velvet with kunafa so you are seeking the whole experience not only the red velvet!! .. right?!


Triffle :-

those cups are really expensive looking to their size and taste!! .. they cost 1.5kd for the cup!! they are really small .. not worth the price!!

away from the price .. the flavors were Nutella, red velvet, mango, pistachio and basbosa with Kunafa!

Nutella .. thegelaa .. red velvet .. have a lot of frosting and it tastes sour!! .. pistachio .. well .. it is pistachio! .. basbosa with Kunafa .. basbosa with some taste which make it maybe the nicest of them all!


Basbosa :-

I also ordered basbosa .. i mean .. from where i heard .. and looking at divine bakery website .. they are mainly specialized in basbosa .. so i thought .. it must be good!

So i ordered mini basbosa .. a mixed dozen .. which contains nutella, coffee, jam, plain, date and Hail!

Non of them was good .. and i mean NON .. the basbosa is very juicy!! .. i didn’t like it at all .. and honestly .. i was shocked since as i said .. i thought it is their speciality!


Pumpkin Cake:-

the pumpkin cake is not big .. yet not small .. it is good for 4 persons!

the look was tempting .. and the smell too .. and guess what .. also the first bite .. and that’s all!

my first bite made me over the moon .. tastes soo good .. but when i started having more .. i realized enha wayed shera o thegelaa!


– bottom line .. in my opinion .. i don’t recommend anything i ordered here!


Divine Bakery Info:

Instagram: divine_bakery


Tel: 55 88 11 80


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Nutella Mini Jars In K-Town!

Two days ago .. my sister came to me asking me to order those Nutella Mini Jars for her from Amazon!!

They were really expensive .. and she still wanted them .. why?!! .. i don’t know .. what all the fuzz about those mini jars!!

a month ago we were in Dubai and she told me that someone told her those jars are sold in Dubai International Airport – Terminal 1 .. but for our bad luck .. we were traveling with Flydubai .. which uses Terminal 2 .. so we didn’t find it there!!

i was going to order for her yesterday but i decided i wanted to browse more just in case i wanted to order anything additional!!

Today .. I went to Sultan Center – Souq Sharg to buy coffee .. and thought why not check out the Nutella shelves to see if they have those!! .. and guess what! .. they do have them .. hidden!!!!

Yes .. you heard it right .. hidden .. there was a different brand next to Nutella regular jars .. and those mini jars were actually BEHIND them!!! .. which means .. if you are not as tall as i am (sorry shorties) .. you will not be able to see it or even know it is there!!

The set which contains 7 pieces costs 4.990 KD .. and take a note .. if you want one of those .. check any Sultan Center branch other than Souq Sharg coz i think i bought the whole shelf :p

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Review: Brioche Dessert Platter




I was browsing through ilsul6ana blog when i saw this new sweet from triangle kuwait!!

I checked 6alabat website only to findout that they haven’t add it to the menu yet and since i order my f6oor from restaurants in a daily basis i decided to order from them today

This dessert comes in a box containing 40 pieces of 8 different flavours including red velvet, rahash, cheese cake and nuttela.

Well .. Basically .. It is simply small peices of toast filled with the flavours mentioned .. Which means it has nothing special .. Buy some toats .. Fill it with nutella spread and violaa .. U have the sweet!!!

I have to mention though that i liked the red velvet and the cheese cake .. But next time .. I will make it at home!!!

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