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SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive!

I think, since laptop sales are declining .. and mobiles and tablets are rising .. it was about time to start seeing such products in the market like this new SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive!

it is a USB drive that can be used with any devices that have a USB or micro-USB port and it is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

the bad part about it though might be that it has a USB 2.0 port instead of the latest USB 3.0 port!

you can read more about it here

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Posted by on February 18, 2014 in Mobiles


Whatsapp on BlackBerry Z10!



I tried to install whatsapp to my new blackberry Z10. The method for installing it is not that hard and the steps to do it are explained Here

It is actually a ported version of the Android version. As a temporary solution.. it is good with some issues as follows:

– it will not add your contacts automatically and it will not see your contacts who have whatsapp but they can see that you have whatsapp.

– in order for you to chat with anyone.. they need to start the chat first and you should not end the chat or you will not be able to chat with them and you’ll need towait forthem to start the chat with you again!!

– sending media files, showing the contact display picture and emojies are all there and working fine

– if you received a message from anybody their number will show instead of their saved name in your contacts list but in some cases the name will show.

– Arabic is partly supported. You can send in arabic and receive as will but it will show as in the picture.. letters next to each other!!

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Should You Buy Blackberry Z10?!


Blackberry Z10 is out and is sold in various places around K-Town in different prices and offers!

But the important question remains .. should i go for it?! .. does it worth the 199 KD price tag?!

i got mine today .. and this post is not a review .. it is only a highlight on the important points you should know about it!

1. It uses Micro-SIM not the regular SIM card!

2. Blackberry are planning to release 4 models of Z10 with different LTE compatabilities BUT .. The one that holds RFG81UW model number doesn’t support LTE .. and this is the one sold in K-Town now .. mine from Mobile 2000 and my cousin’s from XCite are from this model .. so watch out for that!

3. I read as you might read as well that the new BB Z10 doesn’t need a special Blackberry plan to be able to use BBM. Wataniya employees also assured me that BBM will work directly using the regular data plan but you need Blackberry plan if you want to use the email!

yet .. after buying it .. i wasn’t able to make BBM work with Zain and Viva sim card with regular plan .. i had to subscribe to a Blackberry plan. “note that Zain have different pricing for plans for regular blackberry or blackberry 10”

4. I got the white color .. it looks very nice .. but .. it collects dirt easily .. more easy than the white samsungs or iphone!

5. You will need sometime to get used to the gestures to be able to use the phone smothly!

6. It dosen’t have Whatsapp, Instagram “you can use the browser to log in to your account though and you will be able to see your feed and give likes but you can’t post pictures”.

7. If you are a fan of Keek .. it is also not available.

8. In BBM, Some of the font styles used by contacts in their topics is unreadable .. it will show as square boxes!

Simply .. if you take my opinion .. its to early to decide to buy it as its app selection is lacking a lot of apps.

As what it comes with now .. it doesn’t worth the 199 KD price tag!


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Auxo App Switcher For iOS!


Sadly .. this app is only available if you jailbreak your iphone 😦

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Posted by on December 29, 2012 in Mobiles


Cassette To iPod Converter!

This device actually converts regular cassette tapes directly to MP3 and store them in your iPhone or iPod touch!


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Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update coming next week!

I’ve been waiting for this update long enough .. let us see how things will be!!

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Posted by on August 22, 2012 in Mobiles