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London Trip: Chocolates!!


London is all about chocolates .. you will always find someone asking you to bring them chocolates from London!

although there are a lot of kinds that you can’t find in Kuwait .. it is also not that easy to find them in London!! .. You need to know where to go!

Danderma told me that Sainsbury’s is the place to look for .. and you will find a lot around the city .. but you should look for the big ones!

So here is a list of places that i used to buy chocolates from!


1. There is a big Sainsbury’s store in a place called O2 Center .. it is near Finchely Road station in the Jubilee Line!



2. Cybercandy store in Covent Garden .. They sell chocolates from different countries around the world .. most of them are imported from the US. see what they have here


3. This place is known as a book store but they also sell chocolates.



4. Selfridges have a lot of chocolate brands in the basement!

and there are a lot more other places to find chocolates in .. the problem you might face is that they don’t usually share the same products so whenever you find something you like just take it and don’t say i’ll check other places unless you have time!

Also you should watch out for the offers .. sometimes the offers are great so look for them to get better deals in buying chocolates 🙂

Don’t forget to count me with you if you are buying ha 😉


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London Trip: Liverpool Street!



If you are looking for special and abnormal stuff then you need to visit Spitalfields market!

It is a market that contains different stuff and hand made .. just like the booths you see in Covent Garden & Jubilee Market!

The underground station you need to go to is Liverpool street station .. and from there it should be easy to find Spitalfields market!

For more info about the timing and shops click here

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London Trip: BRGR.CO Restaurant

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This Burger joint is located in Wardour Street!

They have 3 branches around the globe .. two of them are in Lebanon .. and this one in London!

Their burgers were one of the best i tried in London .. although it might feels its not going to be yummy .. the taste is something else!

Their fries was yummy also .. its a nice and tasty place to grab a burger on!

for more info about the restaurant click here

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London Trip: Covent Garden Market!

20130322_180958 20130322_181116 Covent_Garden

One of my favorite places. I like how it feels cozy and warm!

This place has a lot to offer .. there are some unusual shops in there .. entertainers in the yards .. theaters around .. and even the transport museum!

There is also a small market for hand made things and stuff next to it .. called Jubilee Market!

If the weather is good .. go have some Ben’s Cookies there .. or Laduree if you wish!

It has also some restaurant .. Union Jack is there by the famous chef Jammie Oliver!

you can see also that they are using the front yard for different occasions .. when i was there .. they were spreading those painted eggs around .. they were for sale!

If you never been there .. try to visit it .. you will like it there 😉

you can visit there website for more info here

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Harlingen Holland’s Crane Hotel!

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Moses Bridge – Halsteren, the Netherlands

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Villa Vals, Switzerland!!

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